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Shoulder Impingement


Ive had shoulder impingement for about 8 months (caused by benching incorrectly )
can someone check my program for any faults ???

are overhand grip pull ups ok for someone with shoulder problems ???dont have any issue when im doing them ,but im not sure if they aggravating my shoulders…are underhand better for now ???

thank you for your replys
A-1: Incline Dumbbell Press 3x5 (start with 55lb dumbbells)
A-2: Lat Pulldown 3x5 (start with 140lbs and palms facing you)
B-1: Barbell Full Squat 3x5 (start with 200bs)
B-2: Romanian Deadlift 3x5 (start with 160lbs)
One-arm Lateral Raise 2x10 l,r (start with a 15lb dumbbell and take one-minute breaks)
tue 100 rep external rotation with band
A-1: One-arm Dumbbell Push Press 3x5 l,r (start with 55lb dumbbell)
A-2: One-arm Dumbbell Bent-over Row 3x6 l,r (start with a 70lb dumbbell)
Barbell Deadlift 4x3 (start with 200lbs) (two minute breaks)
Cuban Press 2x6 5lbs(one-minute breaks
thur 100 rep external rotation with band broke up into reps over the day

A-1: One-arm Dumbbell Floor Press 3x6 (start with a 60lb dumbbell)
A-2: Weighted Pull-up 3x6 (start with 10lbs)
B-1: Barbell Full Squat 3x3 (start with 205lbs)
B-2: Romanian Deadlift 3x3 (start with 165lbs)
One-arm Lateral Raise 3x8 l,r (start with a 15lb dumbbell and take one-minute breaks

Yes, underhand is better.

I would avoid any direct shoulder work. So skip on the lateral raises.

Also EC said something about doing the raises in the scapular plane, so something in between a lateral and a front raise.
I would work in these raises, starting with leight weights and few reps. Gradually increase the reps, then the weight.

You’ll look like a fool raising the girlie weights. I know I did. So to reduce the sniggering, you might want to do them in the pause between your squats and RDL.

Are you doing the lateral raises with elbows flared or tucked? You might want to switch between these.

Also, you could be overdoing it with the squats and the RDLs twice a week.

Why not have 2 full body work outs and keep alternating between them. This would reduce the squats to 3 in 2 weeks instead of twice every week.