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Shoulder Impingement

Well it looks like it’s surgery time for my impingement problem,does anyone have any advice or can tell me what to expect?

If you havent’t tried it yet, an Active Release Therapist may be able to help. Many professional athletic teams now staff these therapists for their teams…and I believe surgeries are, many times, not needed after treatment. Its worth it to get it checked out.

I second ART, but you have to find someone who is really good at it and not just someone who has been trained in it. An ART master is like a magician.
my 2cents…
Stay ways from bench dips and when doing DB shoulder press keep palms facing (paralell grip)

You can go to the active release website and find a provider near you…Chad Waterbury turned me on to this about 2 years ago and it has done nothing be help!!

There’s a lot of information on this website about avoiding or rehabbing shoulder problems:

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[quote]drimmdave wrote:
Well it looks like it’s surgery time for my impingement problem,does anyone have any advice or can tell me what to expect?[/quote]

I had the surgery done last year. My deal was like this: my shoulder started to hurt in march, I iced it and babied it for a month, some great guys here in San Jose tried ART but it was too messed up.
I wasn’t able to reach my wallet (or even close to it).

I had surgery in August. It is pretty routine these days - find a GREAT surgeon. I was in a sling for 5 days and using it - rather gently - for another week or so.
Once the incision site healed it feel fine.

From a lifting standpoint - go easy. It felt very unstable for a couple months. I modified my bench and keep my elbows tucked all the time.
Once you build the strength up again - its all good.

My bench is back up to 300+ and my shoulder doesn’t hurt.

that’s that