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Shoulder Impingement?

What can I do to reduce the pain and rehabilitation a impinged shoulder before it gets chronic?

Adjust your workouts so as to rid them of the movements that caused impingement in the first place.

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Eye Dentist’s advice is sound … for a reasonable amount of time. If you do corrective exercises and work intelligently in the future, you can return to most of those movements though. There are a couple of excellent articles on this sight about shoulder health. In short, you need to strengthen external rotation of your shoulders and keep your pecs stretched. There are various exercises to do this; band pull-aparts and face pulls are a couple. When you get healed and want to gradually start adding more pressing into your routine make sure to do more pulling than pressing, while continuing a maintenance level of whatever corrective work got you better in the first place.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. When I wrote “rid them of the movements that caused impingement,” by movements I wasn’t referring to exercises so much as to form. For example, most people perform lateral raises in a manner that leads inevitably to impingement syndrome. So in addition to laying off laterals for a while, upon resuming them such an individual needs to modify their lateral-raise movement pattern in order to prevent impingement recurrence. Similar adjustments must be made to all movements that contribute to impingement.

So yes, by all means lay off the exercises that produce impingement pain for a while. But when you feel able to do them again, look into developing a more shoulder-friendly technique. In essence, this involves modifying the rotational status of the humerus to allow for greater space between the rotator cuff (specifically, the supraspinatus tendon and related bursa) and the underside of the acromion. (In a nutshell: Internal rotation bad; external rotation good.)

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I was up to bench pressing 400 lbs and Rowing about the same and dead lifting 500 lbs. then I was in a car wreck that lift me on bed rest until I had lower back surgery. Then I was pretty much on the computer or facebooking on the phone. Now I want to build my shoulders, traps, bi’s, and tri’s. which yes I have been doing lateral raises as well as Arnold presses. So should I stop that and do more DB shoulder press and back shoulder raises. Other then that alot of my workouts consist of push-ups, pull downs, upright row, bent over row, lawnmower pulls, curl’s, skull crusher, pull overs, and tri extensions.

big cause of shoulder disfunction, drop immediately…

Check out this guys youtube channel has looads of good stuff for shoulders…

Do you guys have any experience with the Scrape the Rack Press?

I always dismissed it as an exercise for broken down old guys.

Now I think it may be time to test it out.