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Shoulder Impingement


Anyone ever had shoulder impingement? If so, what did you do to get rid of it and how did it take? And what was your lifting protocol during and after the shoulder impingement?


I wouldn’t recommend this, but I lifting through it.


If you have degenerative tendinopathy or bone spurs causing the impingement, then you’ll need to get that sorted out with appropriate medical physicians.

If muscle weakness/imbalances are the cause then you need to find out where the problem is. Usually it’s associated with the rotator cuff, and there are heaps of rotator cuff exercises out there.

My only suggestion is that you stick to using weights for any rehab exercises you find for the rotator cuff to maintain a constant load on the muscle throughout the range of motion.

Severity will dictate recovery time. Often, individuals in recovery post impingment benefit from staying away from overhead shoulder movements or incline work for a period of time.


See a professional about it.


How do you know you have shoulder impingement? Dr. or self diagnosis? I recently had an issue with shoulder impingement (about 4 weeks ago). I went to the ortho who gave me a cortizone shot and sent me on my way. I have a thread about it that is OT in the steroid forum if you want to search it out. Some good advice in there from a few vets.

The pain I was getting was from any pressing movements (chest, shoulders). Basically, I’ve been starting every workout with rotator cuff work. Do a search on youtube and you’ll find demonstations of the exercises. Light weights (5-8lbs) and a rep range of 12-15 reps are n order. Depending on what movements are causing/aggrevating the impingement will determine what weights you can lift.

In my case I have still been working on back, bis and tris(to a limited extent) and legs. Basically any pulling movements and lower body movements. This is one injury you want to take care of in the first round so it was told to me and I’ve been following it that 1.5-2 months off is neccessary to insure that it won’t return. It sucks balls, but you can still be in the gym albeit sans certain movements.

On a final note, you’re going to want to follow icing and heating protocols after workouts and if it’s persistent pain then before going to bed. ART is a good thing if you can find a practictioner close by. Do NOT sleep on the injured shoulder. If you can get a cortizone shot and are in constant pain then I highly reccomend it, if only as a temporary fix.

Just my two cents…


Can’t say if I was impinged or not, but had a bad right shoulder for a few years. It would “click” when I would do, say, a front raise with a dumbell. Horizontal pressing really aggravated it and it fucking hurt to sleep on it. In general, the shoulder just felt “loose”.

My solution: I stopped ALL horizontal pressing for 6 months. (I still did overhead pressing) I also put a large emphasis on horizontal pulling, along with broomstick stretches. Problem solved.

broomstick stretches per Dante:



Find a Chiropractor who also practices ART


a tight pec minor can often times impinge on the brachial plexus.

  • and rotate the shoulder inward