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Shoulder Impingement/Bicep Tendonitis

Hey Guys, Ive read tons of articles and most of the threads on this site about shoulder impingement, but i haven’t seen anyone really post about what Ive been feeling.
I was diagnosed with shoulder impingement a few months back. For the most part everything has been feeling great, but at night/early morning I’ll wake up with a real deep ache down the sides of my arms. Sometimes both, sometimes one, sometimes i wont get it at all. Ive been doing the pull a parts, scap work, mid/low trap work, and recently started working on thoracic mobility.

Has anyone ever dealt with this issue?

Im dealing with it now too. Im 44, been lifting for almost 30 years and ive have my share of shoulder troubles. Currently have been fighting bicep tendonitis in my rt shoulder for 8 freaking months! I have a bone spur on the bottom of the acromium too. Doc said i might need to consider bicep tenodesis. Its gotten a little better but i still cant train chest/shoulders. Been doing back/arms/legs only for 8 months… it sucks!