Shoulder Impingement, Bicep Tendonitis/osis

Ok guys I am new here. But I have trolled this site for months because of my love weightlifting. Now comes my delima. I started having a sharp burning pain in my shoulder 8 months ago. Went to chiropractor and he said I’ve got impingement as well as a torn bicep tendon. Went to a sports orthepedic doc and he agreed with the chiro. Fast forward 4 months and the pain went down but not away.

Chiro cleared me to weightlift again but I knew the pain wasn’t right. I had/ have full range of motion but I knew the pain was not something I should push through. Waited about a month and pain still not gone so I went to the orthepedic doc again and now he’s says if its not head then I need surgury. And I knew this wasn’t right I mean I have full range of motion with pain but not agonizing pain. So I went back to the chiro and he reccomended physical therapy.

So I’ve been doing this for almost a month now. And though there has been some improvement there is not much. And worse off I have a different therapist each week so I have to re-explain my issue and they read my chart and then make me do whatever they want and then go home which pisses me off that I don’t even get the same guy each week. And also they are telling me there is no difference between tendonitis and tendonosis.

But I’ve read plenty to differ as they are supposivly treated differently. The pain is in the front of the shoulder and hurt when I lift my arm in front of me and across my chest. Side laterial raises also do feel great. My arm hurt when I first raise it to about 35% up then stops hurting once the delt takes over…So here’s my questions.

1: what is the difference between tendonitis and tendonosis?

2: anyone her experience impingement and or bicep tendonitis/ tendonosis of the shoulder and what helped you?

3: any exercises I can do tohelp the imbalances in my back?

4: and is there a light at the end of the tunnel?? After 8 months I feel I’m screwed forever
Any advice is helpful I’m to the end of my rope. I would really appriciate the advice of the veterans of this site. Even if you can point me in the right direction I would be so greatfull please, I’m desperate. Thank you for taking the time to read tis guys

  1. Look it up, Google still works. Tendinosis, btw

  2. Yes. Doing exercises that do not hurt and a kick ass Chiro/ART guy. Soft tissue work.

  3. Yes. Any back exercise done correctly that offers no pain to your shoulder(s). Start with dumbbell work.

  4. Yes, I had pain for over twenty years (car accident, hockey accident, skiing accident). Saw everyone you can think and not think of (acupuncture, PT, Osteopat, Rolfing, steroid injections, some kind of electro static shocks, surgery, etc). After I discovered ART, my pains have slowly been going away.