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Shoulder imflammation

One year ago i tried a 1RM snatch for fun for the first time. I was freeky stupid with the weight and such and when it came over my head, i lost balance and the bar started to go backwards. To save my head i pushed the bar even more backwards with my arms, and i heard a little “pop” in my shoulder. Felt like my entire arm were gone.

But a few days later i felt i was like 90% back. So i ignored the injury and carried on lifting and even handball with loads of throwing. After this i had about a simular injury every other month or so, and i finally came to my senses and saw a physiotherapist. He said i had a external or internal rotator cuff imflammation (I speak norweegian normally so im not sure of what it’s named. The one who’s dominantly used in throwing). He gave really nothing i didn’t knew already, and gave me some “ultrasound”. I did no upper body work in 1-2 months, only added some 5lbs flyes or something. I started to feel good again, but now i tried to go snowboarding, and when i fall my arm “broke” again :-(.

Now im tired of these easy injuries. They're totally blocking most of my lifting, handball and now snowboarding. I hoped here were a couple of nice t-maggers/readers who knew some good tips about fixing this problem. And how long it (probobly) takes untill i can go back to normal again? Thanks up in front, and merry christmas to everyone...

First, you need a very thorough evbaulation by a doctor, chirpractor or physical therapist skilled in the evauation of shoulder problems in a throwing athlete. Good luck, it’s going to be tough to find. You’ll nee ART performed also. When a shoulder pops repeatedly like this, it’s usually a sign of instability. A contrast MRI should be performed to rule out a labral tear.
How long it will take is dependant on what the problem is exactly.

Thanks irondoc. Now here’s the embarresing part. Im a bit unsure of what ART is…?