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Shoulder Imbalances

I’ve recently noticed some muscle imbalances that i’d like to correct. They aren’t horrible but they don’t make much sense to me as far as how to correct them. What i mean is for example my left shoulder is simply bigger than my right, but i feel like i can handle weight better with the right. im basically asking what the best thing to counter imbalances is cause the only thing i know of is unilateral work. ???

I have a lot of friends whose arms were/are that way. Mostly former baseball players, but I guess it could happen to anyone.

I don’t remember where I looked into it, but what I’ve found around the internet like this seems to make sense to me.

Your dominant arm/shoulder, (presumably your right otherwise my theory is shot to hell) is naturally stronger/slightly bigger without training. When you start training, your left would have to grow to catch up, and I think what happens is the new stimulus causes growth beyond what you’ve got in your dominant arm.

The friends I’ve had that lifted the longest consistently could start to even this out as they continued to get stronger. I would think there’s not much special you can do, just the basics (insert T-Nation mantra/dogma necessary in every thread) like big compounds with some unilateral work as well, but no need to go overboard on it.