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Shoulder Horn Poundages?

In a number of articles here it’s mentioned that if you use a specific external rotation exercise(referred to as “the poor man’s shoulder horn”) you should use 9-10 % of your bench press 1RM for sets of 8-10 reps. I think Poliquin came up with this guidline. Should this scheme also be used with the Shoulder Horn? If I bench 250, should I be using 25 lb dumbells for 8 reps on the Shoulder Horn, or should the load be less when using this piece of equipment?

I did a few searches already and didn’t come up with anything. I did find this thread where the poster “only” uses 7.5 lbs on his Horn sets:


I did find this little gem from Chad Waterbury in this thread:


"Here’s my two cents worth of addition to this post. I like to have trainees perform the shoulder horn external rotation exercise while face-down on a 75 degree incline bench. The reason? This position forces the external rotators to maintain constant tension throughout the full range of motion. In other words, while standing, the external rotators have to maintain very little tension to hold your arms/load at the top of the movement. When your torso is slightly shifted forward, the external rotators have to keep firing at the top of the motion (where you still possess a lot of external rotation strength). Try it and see if you like it. "

Which leads to the question “does using the shoulder horn face down on an incline reduce the poundages used(I would think so), and if so, by how much?”

simple answer! Try it and find out! No ahrm in experimenting, post back with results.

[quote]SamuraiWannaBe wrote:
simple answer! Try it and find out! No ahrm in experimenting, post back with results. [/quote]

I’m looking for the “complicated answer”, heh. Right now I’m doing 2 sets of 7 reps with 15 lb dumbells, I’ll build the reps up to 10 then up the weight to the 20s, but my fear is the experimenting will harm me since these are small, previously injured muscles.

mine were messed up too, as soon as i upped the poundages, and really treated them like any other muscle in my body, my shoulder issues went away! complicated answers are good, I like to know how and why things work too, nothign wrong with that! I’m just trying to enchourage you to just go at it (smartly of course, which i’m sure you are) and heal get those shoulders strong.

Oh yeah, if you have the access to smaller than 5 pound increments, go for that, at my gym we have 12.5s and 17.5s, if you can, go with the 17.5s before jumping to 20s, I can do 20s (no shoulder horn, just as strict as i can) for 20 reps, but as soon as I try 25 pounds, I can hardly get 8!

Its not a POWER move its more prehab etc. When in doubt go lighter and do a few more reps