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Shoulder Help

I am trying to bring up my shoulders, both in strength, and size. I am on a 4 day upper/lower split, but have lately been hitting the gym on Saturday to hit my shoulders.

Basic routine has been:
A1. Push Press
A2. I’m not sure what it would be called, but basically an RDL to explosive high pull.

B1. Lateral Raise
B2. Front Raise

Today, while doing A1&2, out of nowhere, I began to feel some pain in my left shoulder. I only had one set left, so I figured I would finish.

I moved on to B1&2. I figured this would be lighter movement and shouldn’t bother my shoulder. I was unable to do lateral raises with my left shoulder. I had no trouble with front raises though.

I am basically looking for opinions or suggestions. I am not sure if its serious or not. It hurts, but I am not in a lot of pain. Any rehab exercises I can do? Or should I just take a few days off? I have been doing M, T, Th, F, then the Sat, but could push it back until Tue to see if it feels better.

Hurt pretty bad this morning, and I took some Excedrin Back&Body. Pain went down some. Possibly good for tomorrow’s Upper ME session.

I would drop the extra day and just throw the raises in on your ME Upper day and do some kind of military press or push press on your RE/DE day, that way you will have more time to recover, and definitely ice it whenever your feeling pain.