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Shoulder Help Please

Hey guys im brand new to T-Nation although i have been consitently visiting it since my freshman year in highschool but i knew i could get some good help from all you guys.
my situation is that i had posterior labrum tears on both my right and left shoulders. i have done my re-hab and now i am almost a complete year from my last surgery. i was hoping to get some advice from you guys on how i could organize a some workout routines, and build a more effective schedule.

MOnday workout:
Push ups- 4-15-10-8-8(these are the max reps i can get for each set i very grips every set.
seated dbell press- 4-10 (30-35lb dbells)
L-lateral raises
dip shruggs 3-10
Front plate raise3-8 25lbs.
Bosu ball drill3x max time( i turn a bosu ball over and move my arms back and fourth, i learned this in P.T.)
bent over dbell scarecrows 3-10
laying on my stomach i move my arms back and fourth like a swimmer for 3 set of max time

Friday workout
push ups with serratus push
Inverted rows 3-faluire
pull downs2-12 (mid grip with protration)
1 arm dbell rows 3-8 (with/protration)
2 arm cable rows 2-25 light weight
bent over rear delt raises
swimming drill 3x faliure
I was just wondering if any body could help me build a more effective schedule to get my upper body in better shape, my biggest goal is to maintain stability of the shoulder joint. while sculpting and strenghting the shoulders to become healthy and help me return to wrestling. also if anybody has a good warm up i could perform for my upper body that would be great. I have read just about every shoulder and push up article i could find on T-Nation i am just not that great at putting all the good information together. Any upper body plyometric ideas
( i usually to a cable external rotator cuff workout everyother week)
Thank you guys for all the help in advance i really appreciate it i want to be big and strong again!

How about you build a good warmup before trying to build a workout?

instead of being a dick why dont you help me, if you read above i fucking said i need help maybe that means i cant do it my self because i dont understand< i found one from deisel crew that i use. If you cant help dont leave stupid ass answers duch bag!

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It says it has been 1 year since the last surgery. How many surgeries have you had and when were they both? What was the severity of the labral damage and what types of surgery were performed for each arm?

How did the rehab go during the recovery? Any bumps in the road and/or difficulties? My biggest criticism of the program you listed was that is seems VERY rehab orientated, which may have been good initially, but shouldn’t always be the case. If you still are struggling with the injury and had some issue with the rehab, the program you listed may very well be the best option for you. But being 1 year post surgery, I would hope/expect that you are capable of following a standard S&C program. There is a thin line between programming your workouts to be preventative in nature while still being S&C based and making your program preventative in nature with a rehab focus.

Also, what are some of your stats? Age? Height? Weight? etc. Are you loading the pushups or are they strictly body weight? The loads you listed seem to be very light and conservative…is that because of limitations due to the injury or limitations set by yourself?

Hey level headed!.. i had a bankhart lesion repair on both my right and left shoulder, i had my right done on November 20th of last year and left done on the first of april last year. My re-hab was pretty smooth
My damage on my right arm was greater than on my left but my surgeon only put in 3 anchors in each arm, and from what i understand that is the least amount compared to the 7 that can be put in… they were both posterior tears of the glenoid labrum. MY surgeon and my P.T. told me that i have had great results and that my range of motion is as good as it can be.

So my surgeries were a success. My surgeon told me that he cleared me for any acticity that i was involved in before i had surgery. I am currently red-shirted on a J/C football team in california, although i did not practice i used it to save a year of ncaa eligability< but nect year i plan to transfer and wrestle at another J/C… anyway( i apologize for getting off topic.

I am 18 years old, i currently weigh about 237lbs. i am 6’3" I did put on fat weight after surgery and lost significant muscle mass do to eating the same as i was before sitting around all day. so my body fat percentage is not great. For the info on my push ups i just do bodyweight, and as you guessed it is the mentall limitations that i have given my self from being overly cautious, i have no medical limitations or excuses for not progressing more…

Do you think you can help me at all or give me some good advice like trainig schedule or something? LevelHeaded i really appreciate your help man thank you sooo much!

The advice I would end up giving you would pale in comparison to what somebody who could personally assess you would end up giving you. I strongly (let me re-emphasize STRONGLY) recommend that you find a qualified S&C coach who can help you with your program. There are way too many variables that would come into play, especially with surgeries being done on both shoulders, and I would not feel very comfortable giving specific advice to a situation like this.

Generic advice would be to not allow yourself to mentally “check out” and limit yourself out of fear. If you feel something is physically wrong, then yes back off, but if your physician has cleared you for activity, then you should be fine. You are ultimately going to come to a point where you need to test your limits and Just like re-learning to walk or learning to ride a bike, you will have occasions where you will fall.

[quote]Wrestler215 wrote:
instead of being a dick why dont you help me, if you read above i fucking said i need help maybe that means i cant do it my self because i dont understand< i found one from deisel crew that i use. If you cant help dont leave stupid ass answers duch bag![/quote]
Wow dude. What’s with the serious attitude? No reason to be an ass. Putting together a good warm up could be crucial to your shoulder health in the long run.

hi mate - do you get this pain in the mornings when u wake up? i.e. when u r sleeping on it?