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Shoulder Health

I’ve recently broken a toe and was put into a cast, so I’ve taken the time to work on lagging arms and shoulders. Before, I responded extremely well to Waterbury’s mass plan, so what I usually do looks like:

Pullup variation 3sets
Dip 3sets
Curl variation 2 sets
Skullcrusher db/bb or db military press 2 sets
db Side raise 2 sets
db bent over rear delt raise 2 sets

There are heavy days(3-5 reps/set), medium days(8-12), and light days (15-20)

On light days, I go with db rows instead of the pullups, but do stick with the dips because I’d have to do around 60 pushups for the desired effect, and that’d probably be worse for the shoulders.

I just did the fifth day in a row and I’m responding extremely well, no fatigue, arms and shoulders noticably growing. CW talks about this in his mass plan article, and truth be told, my shoulder joints are starting to act up and ache. So far, it’s limited to the workouts.

How should I go about keeping them healthy and not cause any damage that won’t go away as soon as I begin squatting and deadlifting, where I’ll probably stick with direct arm work for the 1st week? Ideally, I’d like to keep doing this workout plan for another 7 or 8 days. I might just add an inch to my arms.

For starters, I’ve doubled my fish oil in the hopes it’ll reduce inflammation.

Thanks a lot for any help! If age is a factor in any answers, I’m 17 with 2.5 years of weight training.