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Shoulder Health Exercises


Since I cannot tell if I am grinding my shoulders to death in cable laterals and other shoulder exercises, i figure I should do some preventive/health work. What are the top shoulder health exercises?

I have heard of face pulls and shoulder dislocations. Any suggestions?


Read the other thread on DeFranco's shoulder shocker

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Can't beat this article:

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This mwod addresses the first rib which you should also work on: http://www.mobilitywod.com/2011/07/episode-283365-resetting-after-a-shoulder-tweakbrutally-sore-shoulders.html


Bent over DB flyes


yeah i'll second the shoulder shocker and band pull-aparts


Wall hand-stand holds.

Thank me later.



Face Pulls and band pull aparts.


It's all in the below



are those the ones that you put your back to the wall then pull your hands from above your head down to your shouolders?


These for very high reps have done absolute wonders for me:

When I started them I would click and it was very stiff. Now they feel awesome and my mobility is a stupid amount better, and I can narrow my grip by about a foot compared to where I started.

Band pull aparts as mentioned above are great.

Also; handstand pushups against a wall. The limited rom has really helped me build strength in my shoulders without hurting them and it has carried over well to BB press just in terms of how they feel - but also strength.


is this really a legitimate concern? (serious question)

i've heard all the stories of upright rows fucking with the joints but not just shouler training in general


Pushup plank.


um...do you warm up your shoulders before you train them?


@legitimate concern
yes, why would you want to invite potential injury?

other than warmup sets starting from bar (press first), no for lateral raise cables, what do you mean by warm up if not that?


Ramping weights does not equate to warming up, many people can get away with doing just that, others cannot.
If you watch Dorian Yates train he always starts with stretching work, I need a bit of extra mobility stuff as I sit at a desk all day. There is plenty of advice about mobility/flexibility - run a search.