Shoulder Health And General Posture

Hello CT,

I would like to ask 2 questions about shoulder health and general posture:

  1. What are your favorite shoulder health exercises / combos?

Since the shoulder is a complex and fragile joint I assume doing 1 exercise can’t catch all the birds with 1 stone…
I have found many exercise suggestion by coaches in articles, but I would like to hear your perspective - since I believe it’s more holistic, integral…

  1. the second question is about good posture. What’s your favorite exercises to improve body posture during standing/walking? I noticed my shoulders are really low, when looked at from a back view (maybe it’s because my traps do so much work) and training like a power lifter/ bodybuilding isn’t helping this posture thing much…

I kinda feel these 2 topics are white spots in my current training. My body posture doesn’t feel so good, even through I took up stretching again, and my shoulders are taking a beating from all the heavy presses I do currently… this question is therefore asked in the context of a power building approach done 4-5 times per week.

Best wishes