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Shoulder Gave Out/Lost All Strength, Scared Need Help


I apologize in advance for my lack of writing skills. I have spent years lurking the forums and i just have to say this is great community i have learned so much from you.

Aproximatly 2 weeks ago i was doing flat db bench.

Suddenly my right arm felt like it gave out at the shoulder and my shoulder fell/shifted down.

i had no pain when this happened… it was more like a wtf just happened shocked let me put the weights down what is going on type of thing

. I do not believe i tore anything, at worst maybe a partial dislocation, although i think i may have just pulled something?

However since this occured i have lost almost all my strength. This is most visible when trying to do wide grip pullups. my arm doesnt have any hold at the rear shoulder region.

and to best discribes it its as if gives out around the teras minor/major area.
i also noticed that i cant even flex this muscle.
i have a low boy fat so i can literaly see my rear delt buldging out it is very visablely soft/swollen and i cant flex it.

Is this just symptoms of a pull, or is this something more serious, if anyone has anything that they could put related to this i would be very gratefull.


Classic answer: consult a physician. Nobody can tell you what’s wrong or how to rehab it over the Internet in a safe and sure way.


You need to see an ortho doc, preferably one who is sports medicine oriented. I have had rotator cuff repairs done in BOTH shoulders and this is nothing to mess around with. A torn rotator cuff can happen easily, especially if there is impingement from a bone spur, etc.

Stop trying to work thru it and go see a Dr. Tendon tears dont heal themselves and as you begin to stop using your arm due to the pain, it will begin to atrophy and the joint will fill the gap with fat.


so eventhough ther is not really any pain just weakness/not able to flex, means there could be a posible tear?

and is there really nothing i could do… going to the docter is not an option as i have no inusrance and would not be able to cover the costs

there has to be someone that was in a similar situation? i almost cant believe it is so serious


If you’ve lost almost all your strength in that arm, it sounds pretty serious. You can try taking a week or two off and see what happens but the safest thing to do is the doc


its only that muscle that is affected, the rest of the arm is okay, i just cannot perform a pullup because the muscle in the back holding my shoulder to my back wont hold it, the muscle seems to be buldging out but wont flex just stays soft


ok, can you reach around behind your back without pain? can you do a lateral raise without pain? if not, its likely a RC tear or other tendon. Also, your muscle shouldn’t be “bulging out” without a reason. Maybe youve torn a deltoid. either way you need to see a dr


i can do both of those things pain free… only thing i cannot perform is a pulling motions lile pullups or row cus the muscle thats bulgding sinply wont work…


I dont know. Maybe wait a while and see if it resolves itself. A muscle that “simply wont work” still isnt right and should be evaluated by an ortho


Dude you seriously fucked your shoulder up so get out of denial before you have to figure out how to pay for a shoulder replacement with no insurance. Go to the hospital and claim indigent.