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Shoulder Flexibilty


My shoulders are terribly inflexible. Actually, my overall flexibilty is poor, always has been, but particularly in my shoudlers. It's difficult for me to grab the bar in the back squat position (pulling the elbows back to rest the bar on the traps), and it's difficult to keep my elbows pointed forward with tricep french presses or skullcrushers. Since these are 2 exercises I'm trying to focus on, my question is this:

  1. Anyone else have similar problems, and if so what stretches/exercises/modifications helped? And on the streches, how often, how long etc.

I found some just by searching, but I wanted to hear from someone with similar issues. Thanks in advance.


lol. you should see waylander's shoulder flexability.

broomstick stretches.


Shoulder dislocations with bands and unilateral shoulder dislocations with bands have done wonders for my shoulder flexibility. In fact, I pretty much started using bands almost exclusively for upper body anterior chain stretches. Bands are incredible for working every angle of the shoulder because, well, you're not restricted to just one plane.


I tried the broomstick stretches today. I can get a long broomstick in the back squat position, and I assume you just try to gradually move your hands closer together? I got a huge stretch in my traps, some in my pecs, but not as much in the shoulders as I thought.

I never thought about bands. Will give that a look to.


stretch the chest a hell of a lot after each upper body workout


Do shoulder dislocates with a band. I think I saw BBB recommend them a while ago somewhere and I haven't gone back.


Google Diesel Crew's shoulder mobility/rehab/etc. vids.


Thanks for the advice. I have included foam rolling too (never done before).


I'm a big fan of wall/floor slides. Helped a lot after my shoulder surgery.