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Shoulder Flexibility


I just found out that I strained my rotator cuff, so I need to lay off overhead presses and such for a few weeks, and put more RC exercises into my program. No big deal.

Except, the therapist thinks that my strain might well have to do with the tightness in my shoulders. And yeah, that might explain my I'm a little sore in the shoulder after front and back squats.

So what's a good way to loosen up the shoulders? I imagine a massage would work, but that can get pricey pretty quickly. Does anyone know good websites with shoulder stretches? Or, might RC exercises be enough?


I go through some stretches and exercises in this article - really take things slow in the beginning. Just like anything, you need to build into them and if you are inflexible and detrained (not to mention injured!) in a particular range of motion, it's very easy to overdo it.



Read Cressey's articles, "Shoulder Savers."


Hey guys, these are both great reads, and exactly what I was looking for - thanks!