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Shoulder flexibility

I’d really like to squat using a bar, but I’m so terribly unflexibile in my shoulders that it makes it a problem to get the bar behind my head comfortably. I was wondering what I could do about this, or any books that would be helpful on the subject of stretching.

not trying to sound rude but could someone explain how a shoulder could become so inflexible? It’s never even crossed my mind that would be a problem for anyone squatting, didnt you swing around or play sports when little?

The lazy man’s guide to stretching should probably cover it for you. But I’m sure if you look further Ian King has some other more specialized routines for increasing ROM in the shoulders and chest. BTW if your shoulders are that tight you probably have some pretty serious imbabalances going on in that area. With that in mind I’d adress the issue before you injure yourself.