Shoulder flexibility

I can’t do any exercise that requires holding an olympic bar behind my neck. My arms just won’t go back far enough. Back squats are definitely out; I have to do front squats instead. I’m doing the standard pec and shoulder stretches, but they don’t seem to help all that much. Are there any unique stretches or therapy that will help improve my range of motion in that area?

There is a dynamic stretching movement that was first taught to me by my old gymnastics coach. You take a rope or stick with a wide grip. Slowly rotate from the front of your body to the back. If you are not flexiable you must take a very wide grip. Repeat for 3 sets of 10. Do the exercise slowly!!! Every few sessions move your hands closer together. Best of Luck.

Do the exercise older lifter suggests and once you develop a little flexibility try to do overhead squats. Start with a broomstick and progress to an olympic bar. Also pullovers are another good stretching exercise for this.

You need some deep tissue massage on your pec major, pec minor, subscapualris, ant delt, for starters. If you come to Kauai, I would be glad to work on you. Heck any T-Men or Vixens that need work like this can come to Kauai. Sorry just had to too my horn.

Check out an ART practioner. They can improve your range of motion in 2-3 sessions (actually, I saw significant improvement in one session).