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Shoulder Feels Stuck


I've been struggling with my left scapula for quite some time, and have issues with getting it to operate the same way as my right, leading my shoulder blades to being somewhat uneven. The best way I can describe it is that it almost feels 'stuck'- I get severe tightness around that area which radiates into my same-side pectoral, lat and right up into my armpit, as well as having difficulty with protraction (when I say stuck, I mean almost in a retracted state.)

It has led to what I can assume is impingement-like pain, and though I have tried myofascial work and stretching (rhomboid, serratus posteior, lat, pec) and serratus/lower-trap activation exercises, the issue persists. My mum has suffered from a frozen left shoulder due to an anatomical issue around the scapula; visibly her left shoulder is notably different to her right, and I seem to have inherited this, which makes me worried that my current problem may be the start of something similar to what she has gone through.

Anybody have any thoughts as to what this could be? Overactivity/weakness of certain muscles, or perhaps a structural issue? Help is appreciated!