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Shoulder Feels Like it Needs to Pop?

So, I finished week 1 of IBB. Did shoulders, of course going in order. No issues.

Lot of heavy OHPresses involved. I usually do lighter high rep OHPresses.

Worked out, it was actually a full body day ( still some pressing involved) Everything was ok. Couple hours later i was laying in bed and it felt like i needed to pop my shoulder. ( you know the feeling if you pop your back, knuckles, neck, etc. )

So i tried popping it. Nothing worked, it actually started to get sore. I stopped, next day it was kinda sore and i did some stretches and deep tissue massages. Made it feel better. Today the pain has almost subsided. Haven’t lifted ( instead i did sprint intervals, i had to do something being thanksgiving week and all)

The feeling ( popping and soreness) is located on my left shoulder between the anterior and side delt. At the insertion/top of the muslce(s) Soreness is a little more in the anterior delt than anywhere else.

Any idea what this could be?
Don’t think it’s serious because the soreness has almost vanished after 2 days. Could be a strain? Or it could be that my coracord process isn’t fit for heavy OHP’s ? and it irritated something? due to the hvy OHP’s.

Thanks for any Info.

BTW, It doesn’t bother me to do pulling motions, it’s only pressing motions that make me aware of the pain.

Have you considered impingement? It’s not quite as common in OHP (but can occur due to lame genetics or infraspinatus/teres minor/subscapularis dysfunction) but is common with side laterals and upright rows so if you did those sorts of movements, impingement seems like the most likely cause. Do any particular movements aggravate it?

This is the first time I’ve had this happen. However, when I do DB tricep extentions with heavier weight I get a discomfort in the same spot. I’m gonna look up impingement because I’ve read about it before, but can’t remember what it is.

Thanks for the response.

BTW I do lateral delt raises all the time with no problems. I don’t do uprights, unless I do them like my ohp’s and go with higher reps. With IBB it called for heavy ohp and uprights so it could have inflammed the issue maybe? I did day 1 of back with no issues. (Deadlifts, pullups, rows)

Ok impingement is basically when the head of your humerus crushes one of the tissues that lies on top of it, as for one reason or another the humeral head crunches into the acromion of the scapula (which is basically like a shelf that hangs over the head of the humerus). Whenever you try to abduct your arm the the humerus in a medially rotated position (like in a side lateral raise and an upright row) impingement risk tends to go up. This is why upright rows get a bad rap and why side laterals raises are only done till the humerus (upper arm) is 90 degrees (or parallel with the ground).

The structures that could be impinged are most likely supraspinatus or the subacromial bursa. Either way, it is an inflammatory issue, so the treatment is rest and icing. Any anti inflammatory foods can only help, so fish oils, curcumin, berries etc. but I would avoid NSAIDS as these tend to interfere with muscle growth which is not only bad physique/strength wise, but could potentially interfere with recovery especially if it is the supraspinatus that is effected.

On the off chance that this issue didn’t occur from upright rows and side laterals, the OHP press could be responsible. This is only likely due to genetics or weakness/dysfunction of the inferior rotator cuff muscles. All three can generally use some strengthening if this is the case (so internal and external rotations with a band or cable), but be aware that your external rotators (infraspinatus and teres minor) will need more strengthening than the subscapularis (a medial/internal rotator). The subscapularis tends to get tight which can cause problems so try to massage it (its sort of in the armpit region, I can’t really describe it so you may have to google it). You can use a lax ball but I have never had results from anything but my fingers since you have to dig really deep. You should notice its working as you should have less ‘clicking’ of the shoulder when you move it around. Hope that all makes sense.

I really appreciate you taking the time to post this. I don’t take nsaids or even meds. I use nutrition. The pain has went away and I have started phase2 of IBB. I did feel it on day3 when I subed normal grip pullups for widegrips.

I forgot to mention that I don’t have the best posture. I was reading a few things of inpingement and simular issues and how to fix them. found out bad posture and ohp don’t pair well. Its gonna be hard to fix my posture issue ( tho slight, I can tell it may be an issue in the future, possibly now). Will also take it easy on the shoulder work and give it a little rice, with fish oil on the side.