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Shoulder Fatigue in Current Program


Hey all,

So I've transitioned back into an OLY-centric training program, though I'm still benching 1x/wk because I suck at it and I like doing it; I was a serious weightlifter years back, but didn't touch a weight for about 4 years, and then did SS for about 2-3 months to get back into it before I realized that my true love is Oly Lifting, and I got back on board, using the 70s Big transition to OLY lifting program as a template. I've also been training with my old weightlifting coach 1-2x/month, as he's pretty far away, mostly to check my positions and such, and let me know where I'm most deficient.

Recently, my lifts have progressed to a point where the weight is sufficient on every lift I do to be called "heavy" at least for me, and I've found that it's led to some pretty gnarly shoulder fatigue. Not injury, just excessive soreness and fatigue. Here's what I've been doing (LP refers to Linear Progression):

Mon: Snatch heavy singles, CJ variations at lighter weights
Tues: Back Squat 3x5 (LP), Press 3x5 (LP), Pendlay Row 3x5 (LP)
Thur: Snatch variations at lighter weights, CJ heavy singles
Fri: Front Squat 3x5 (LP), Bench 3x5 (LP), RDL 3-4 sets of 5-8 reps

I'm looking for ways to decrease the shoulder fatigue; I couldn't bench on friday, for instance, and even my front squats felt compromised by my ability to sustain a solid rack for 5 reps. My ideas have been:
A) Switch to 5x3 Push Presses instead of 3x5 presses to take some of the direct shoulder load off
B) Eliminate Presses entirely, Bench on Tuesday instead, and add skill work like planks/box jumps/KB work on Fridays
C) Jump off of LP on one or more of the strength lifts and just work lighter on those. I've also considered dropping the FS to 3x3 instead of 3x5
D) Rearrange the order of when I do what

Thoughts, y'all?


I don’t train the oly lifts but I do stop by this forum every now and then. It’s disappointing that there isn’t much action here, lol. I’m surprised this thread got 900 views and no replies.

Looking at the program, it looks like you have a lot of pressing work and overhead work in general from the oly lifts. You do have horizontal and vertical (pull up) pulling movements but maybe adding in pull down movements like pullups and chinups will help balance things out. If you think the shoulder problem will get worse, it might help to keep it light while adding more of the pull down work. And then when things feel better go back to your normal weights.


Save your heavy singles for Snatch and clean and jerk for the Friday session. Don’t go over 85% during the week and get some volume in with crisp technique.
If you’re just getting back into it do you really need variations?
I would consider switching out your strength lifts to a 531 set up if you’re struggling with your linear progression.
Don’t see any pulls in there anywhere, are those included in your variations?