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Shoulder = F*cked. Any Ideas?

My left pec and shoulder are more developed than my right. My left arm/shoulder also feels restricted when reaching overhead hence the weird movements I do in the videos as my shoulders just dont feel the same. During pulling exercises I will feel it around my retractors on my right side but in my lat ONLY on my left side. When benching my left side is also much much more sore/exhausted than my right. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. In the videos I am just doing rowing/pushing movements, reaching overhead and reaching to the side.
Video 1 -

Video 2 -

Video 3 -

My idea is that you might have f*cked your shoulder.
(no pain?)

Occasional pain. For example right now I’m feeling pain inside my shoulder joint around my lateral/posterior delt. But somewhere inside. Sometimes overhead movement hurts. Sometimes pullups hurt. It’s fucked I know but what do you see is wrong from the video?

Do you get pain when you perform twisting motions or just when when performing overhead motions.

Look into brachiating, or dead hanging.

Basically you hang on a bar for 30 second intervals, around 2 minute a day. It helps with LOTS of shoulder problems.

Research first though to see if its something you want to do. Has helped me on countless occasions.

What do you mean by twisting?

Yeah i’ll try it. What do you see the issue as though, Im curious to know because it has always bothered me.

When you extend your arm forward and pronate/supinate your hand.

Yeah discomfort doing both movements with my left arm. Discomfort around the front of elbow aswell where my bicep and forearm connect. Overhead movement is always weird arms never moving the same and chest on left side will always feel sorer than the right.