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Shoulder Experts, Get in Here


I have a little mystery for all you fellow TNation injury hounds... The head of my humerus is not where it should be in relation to my acromion. I have had shoulder problems before but I am now pain free and can do everything that I used to before my injuries (mostly RC strains) but I know this is not normal and would like to fix it.
I've attached a picture to help you guys get an idea of what im dealing with here... I will provide any information you guys seek of my history but I will leave it open for you guys to ask as rambling on in the first post usualy doesnt help


My guess as to whats going on: I think the problem goes back to my early days... I always had bad posture as a kid...I would always slouch and have my shoulders rolled forward in an attempt to hide my man boobs...doing this for over 4-5 years pernamently relocated my humerus to this position and here we are today.



Never had any dislocations either.


ok, maybe i am lost on what you need. i dont see anything wrong. can you provide a pic of what your shoulder should look lie.


The back of my humeral head is inline with my acromion. In a "normal" shoulder the humerus is 2/3 under


Bro, if there's no pain anymore, there's only an issue from an aesthetics standpoint. In which case, do some upper back. Cuz you're one skinny bastard!! Try to keep pulling to pushing movements to AT LEAST a 2:1 ratio: BPA variations, rows, pullups and for God sakes, EAT SOMETHING!!!

Humeral head is shifted anteriorly probably because you have NO back!! Get a back brotha!!


do you have an xray that shows this exactly?

from what i remember of anatomy i cant picture what you are describing and that pic shows nothing out of the ordinary to me.

of course when i read what you said, i imagined that the humerus was dislocated and sitting in an anterior position. after reading it again and again all i could imagine is that the humerus is pronated in to such a degree that what you described is happening. and for that i would need to see where the elbow lies which i cannot see in that pic.

are we on the same page here or am i just not seeing the forest for the trees?


By the sound of your description, it seems you have an excessive anterior glide of the head of your humerus in the joint capsule. You say you've been having these problems for a while, have you had your scapular stability and rotator cuff muscles assessed professionally?

As asooneyeonig said, it's possible that you have too much internal rotation at your glenohumeral joint - do you have protracted/winging shoulder blades?

If the head of your humerus truly is of the anterior persuasion, my first recommendation would be to work on rotator cuff muscles strengthening - namely subscapularis. I think Shoulder Saver #14 might be of particular interest to you in Cressey's article, here:



This is good advice re: strengthening the subscap.

It's unlikely he has too much internal rotation though. Usually when the humerus is in anterior glide it's due to overactive pec major and a stiff posterior cuff i.e. the lateral rotators are tight which means there is a lack of internal rotation.

Loosen up the back of the cuff, strengthen the subscap, and the humerus will sit more snuggly.

Hope this is helpful.