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Shoulder Exercises

Hey, I recently hurt my lower-back. Although I have since recovered, I want to avoid putting pressure on my lower-back whenever I can. So I was wandering if you guys could recommend a few good shoulder exercises that don’t load the lower-back, that can be done with a bench that goes from flat to 30 degrees, a barbell, and dumbbells.

I’ve already heard good things about high-incline benches, but I don’t know if 30 degrees is high enough.

Any input will be great, thanks.

Handstand pushups. Do them with your hands on chairs or something to get extra range of motion when they become to easy.

Another thing I did with hanstand pushups is to pre fatigue the shoulders with lateral raises.

What’s your lower back complaint? I’ve got bulging discs and found that standing shoulder presses are better than sitting as there is less compressive fore on the spine.