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Shoulder Exercise Advice


Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could recommend me three excercises for shoulders so I can incorporate them in my routine =)




Didn't you give someone advice on bulking up their chest? And now here you are asking for 3 exercises for your delts...
Thanks God for T-Cell!

There is a Best of Shoulders article. Check it out man.


First of all, why three exercises?

Secondly, what's the rest of your training program look like (other bodyparts, days, sets, reps)?

Thirdly, your answers can be found here, here, and here:




Maybe for: Front, Side & Rear Delts? hahahahaha


id probs say
-Overhead press
-upright row
-Behind-Neck Press

or if u want one especially for the rear delts bent-over lateral raise
bt id go with first three


Due to the fact many people get shoulder problems from the last two (upright row & BN press) I would use them.
Thogh, of course, the are people who can get away with exercises that wreck everyone else. :slight_smile:


if you say the exercises, you'll us that you can do this or that, because:
no material
shoulder problem
I do not like this one
etc. .......
we know nothing about you
you got nothing in your profile or post your presentation lol!


there a tons of exercises. Tons of great articles on this site that other guys above linked up.
Like others are asking what are you already doing?
What are you lacking/trying to bring up?