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Shoulder Dislocation



I am a 25year old Guy from Hamburg (Germany) and hope to get some help here in this nice forum.

Beginng year 2003 I had a subluxation of my left shoulder while I was doing pullovers. After that subluxation I made half a year no strength training (was too long but I had a big mental problem with this injury) and beginn then with all complexe exercise which don't make me any problems

Four weeks ago while I was sleeping in my bed my left shoulder dislocated again -after 3 years of the subluxation- in this 3 years without any problems or injuries in this time with the shoulder - I hold my left arm in a wrong position and maybe was choughing or jerking and the shoulder dislocated. I was very shocked - the shoulder dislocated completely - and a doctor has to reposite it in the emergency. The day before I made benchpresses, flies and heavy dips without a problem...

After X-Ray radioscopic analysis the diagnostic was that there is a small Hill-Sachs-Lasion Fracture but the labrum is unhurt so that no surgery is needed.

After two weeks I started with pysiotherapy to strength the rotator cuff.
Now I wanted to start again with strength training - beginning of course with low weight and high reps (15-20) but I am in fear that the shoulder can dislocated again when I am doing exercises. Have anyone experience with this kind of injury and can tell me which injuries are dangerous for a redislocation - don't want to have one ever in my life again !

I know that every exercises except pullover and neckpresses are possible after a subluxation but a complete dislocation is another case.
Thanks very much in advance


Greetings from potsdam.

I never had such a serious problem like you but all my shoulder problemes vanished when I started training after the MGK-principles.



what is these MGK Principles ?

Thanks & greets,


I dislocated my left shoulder in '95 in college football. It came out the front and I forget the technical terms, but they said it was bad. It HURT ha...but I rehabbed and played two more years of football in college, doing only close grip bench.

In grad school I dislocated it out the back side in jujitsu, and the thing was out for 3 hours hurting while I waited in the ER with my brazilian buddy holding my arm up and some nurse feeling bad so shooting me up with Demoral or something...they said I needed surgery, but due to my jobs at the time (cop and strength coach), there was no way I wanted to be out 6-9 months. I rehabbed and came back from it.

About 4 years ago it was hurting bad and I did some cortizone shots, because the doctor did MRIs, X rays, and I forget what else. He said I had detached ligaments, broken capsule front and rear (some technical names for it though), hooked clavicle, and spurs in my AC joint.

Somehow I manage to still do heavy cleans and squats. I do not bench heavy, only close grip up to 315x3 in past few years. WHen I squat I have to hold with my hands outside the collars on the plates or it feels like its coming out and hurts, on snatches and overhead stuff I go light to moderate. I do not do pullovers, or anything behind the neck. Overhead presses actually make it feel better, and I do lots of chins, pull ups, rowing movements. I also used to do alot of rubber band work internal/external rehab type moves.

I think its probably a miracle I still can do alot that I can, but according to the sports doc just a matter of time before it needs to go under the knife. But I think if you take the time off you need, rehab without putting yourself in the pain zone, and consult with some good sports medicine people in your area, you will be able to figure out what you can and cant do.

There are some really intelligent people on here that know injury type issues, so hopefully they will post. Im just a knuckledragger with some personal experience and wanted to let you know the show aint over, you hopefully will get back to training hard, just smarter!

Good Luck


Sorry, I forgot to post the link.


You'll need some time to read trough.



the buchberger 12 saved my shoulder which subluxated so badly that there was a point when I had no pain when it happened. I dare not jinx myself, but lets just say it has greatly increased the stability of my shoulder.


just another note, if somehow you are looking for alternative treatments, I advise against prolotherapy....that was a $800 waste of voodoo crap that did more damage than good...besides the doc said he was hitting my ligaments when later i found out they were detached already...I got big big needles jammed into my arm pit, shoulder/delt, pec, and even my lats and near my spine plus some other weird stuff...all it did was turn my entire upper body black and blue for a very long time, and super severe pain with no healing....

honestly doing the rehab exercises, and later on getting back to doing a lot of heavy rowing and chinning, and strangley I think overhead press and overhead squats help build up the surrounding area as well, are better than voodoo therapy