Shoulder Dislocates Stretch Questions

So I’ve had issues for the last couple of years with shoulder pain, arms going numb, and shoulder grinding. I’ve dropped pretty much all pressing movements except for push ups, i’ve added in a lot of rowing movements, and a lot of vertical pulling movements. Recently, i’ve thrown in shoulder dislocates to try and stretch out my shoulders to see if that makes a difference. I think they might help because I am incapable of having my arms very close. When I do the exercise I can sometimes feel my shoulders grinding and popping. I get very sore in the front of my shoulders. That is also where the popping etc occurs. What could this be a symptom of?

As to what it’s a symptom of… I recommend that you see a physiotherapist who lifts him/herself, and they will put you through neer’s test, empty can test, hawkin’s test at least.

You can look up Kendall’s ‘testing and function with posture and pain’ for more insight.

BUT in the meantime, please do not do dislocates if you feel a semi-painful grinding/popping. That is most likely going to hurt you in the long term.

Best thing you can do at present IME is to ice (new injury) or heat (older injury) the painful area, and practice good ‘military posture’ (the cue I give to my girlfriend re: this is ‘big tits’ if that helps you understand it) shoulders down and back, pinching the shoulderblades together, at all times.

I really respect the DC guys, for a lot of reasons, but I and many others have had bad experiences regarding dislocates. PM me if you need more ideas man.

Good luck

Dude you are in a world of shit. I’d run not walk to a orthapedic & sports medicine facility in your case. Shoulder pain is nothing to take lightley. Get a X-ray and MRI then do what they say…
In Feb 2010 I seperated my shoulder in JJ pratice… The Dr said Ice and rest 60days. When I got back to weight room 3 months later it was fine for about 3 months but I had pain. I did what most guys do and assumed pain was for girls and pushed through it. Around June my shoulder finally gave out. I couldnt even reach in the cubard above my head to grab a plate. Constant throbing pain or a dull numbness. I went to a orthapedic a sports med place where the local NFL guys go. I did x-rays and MRI. Turned out I had a class 2 seperation, a bone spur diging into my rotator cuff, and a 30% tear in my rotator cuff. Surgery was the only option but I did cortizone shots and rehab untill I could afford the surgery. I did the surgery in Nov it was extremeley painful. Rehab took about 6weeks & 6 weeks on my own. I’ve been back in the gym now 3 months and Im 100% and stronger than before the accident. My advice is take time off and get it fixed. Make sure you have decent insurance that covers outpatient services. If you live in Europe or some place that has good health care…Who gives a shit go to the pros

Sounds similar to the issue I’ve had problems with in the past / now.

Shoulder Dislocations don’t seem to help as they mainly work at rotator cuff mobility.

I’m betting you have a protracted shoulder girdle caused by weak links in the chain, it can cause a lot of problems and I’m willing to bet bench was one of the first things giving you pain.

Really all I can suggest is extremely less volume on pressing movements and strengthen the rhomboids, lats, posterior deltoid and make sure the your scap is ok.

Lots of mobility exercises. It is a pain in the ass but I’m not totally sure it’s an issue that needs to be dealt with by surgery.

I’d say do whatever you’ve got to do.

Good luck