Shoulder Dislocates ROM?

I’ve looked at a few youtube vids of people doing shoulder dislocates, and I’ve only just realized that most people don’t seem to do them the way I do. If I’m working slowly I get a sticking place where most people seem to, only I’ve learned that if I rotate my humerus out at that point then the stretch feeling goes away and I can continue the range of motion with a much much narrower grip than if I don’t rotate my humerus.

Have been trying to work towards being able to overhead squat (and eventually squat-jerk) with a clean grip. That includes being able to safely dump the bar behind - hence the dislocates. Aiming to be able to do them swiftly with a clean-width grip.

But is rotating my arm like that part of a healthy range of motion or is it a hypermobility that is likely to result in problems? My shoulders have been feeling a bit cranky lately (do a lot of snatching and overhead pressing - try to balance with push-ups, chin-ups, and inverted rows). Concerned I might be loosening the joint up in unhealthy ways, though.

I mainly do shoulder dislocates with a pvc pipe because I like the stretch it gives my chest… but I’m interested in any replies to your question. Sorry I have no insight to provide.