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Shoulder Dislocates Itself/Other Shoulder Pain

didnt know where to put it so i stuck it here, its regarding a friend, not me. hes had some shoulder pain over the past month or so within the joint (whenever he does pushups or tries to move his arm around laterallyit only goes up around halfway before the pain stops him).

the other day his shoulder dislocated itself-wasnt in any real pain and he popped it back in. since then it can come out and in several times a day. hes been to the docs but all theyve said is if it pops out, just go hospital to get it put back in, other than that, they cant do anything.

just curious if anyone else has had this, or knows how to stop it from happening. any sort of advice would be appreciated.

stop doing things that cause the shoulder to dislocate.

Your friend needs to give time for his ligaments and tendons to heal and tighten because right now they are stretched and unstable. If your friend needs to take a week off from the gym, or two, or three then that is what he has to do.

Tell your friend to ice his shoulder a couple times a day. Tell your friend to NOT stretch his shoulder, keep it in a sling for a week if he has to. When he is at the gym, do not do any type of overhead pressing or upright rows or dips or pull-ups until his shoulder can take the pressure from those exercises. Squatting is also very hard to do when you have an unstable shoulder.

If i were in his situation(and i have been because my right shoulder has dislocated 3 times this year) then i would: 1) take a full week off lifting but do some very very light stretching, nothing overhead though. 2) depending on how the shoulder feels he can get back in the gym. If he can lift his arm nearly straight above his head, he should be ok to do some push-ups, light flat bench pressing, light rows. 3) i would continually check the range of motion i can get for week 2 in stretching and testing out what lifts i can properly do with no pain.

But, your friend should stay away from dips, pull-ups and upright rows until his shoulder is 100% better.

should have mentioned, he doesnt go gym. he doesnt really do anything physical. pushups were him just trying to see if tht’ll fix his shoulder or soemthing, i dunno.

oh, well in that case maybe his shoulder dislocates because he is very very weak.