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Shoulder Discomfort

Hey guys.

I injured my left shoulder several years back. Here’s how it happened:

Was tired and awfully jacked up on coffee that day. Lying on a bench, doing twin arm dumbell extensions (alternating. As I tried to bring back up the left dumbell just short of lockout… I heard a snap deep in my left delt, and my left arm just gave out and kinda feel backwards!

Anyway, took time off, did rehab training, even started to notice a little dent in my left delt (between the front and side delt), but it was good. Stronger than ever.

So fast forward several years ahead, I change gyms… and doing crossovers on this machine that had a ridiculous range of motion. I think the stretch was a bit too much and is now causing rotator cuff discomfort of some sort.

Feels funny when I’m doing military dumbell presses. Right when I’m about to lock out, feel this twist or knot deep inside my left delt.

What’s going on here? Am I close to experiencing a relapse of some sort? I’m just 32 years old, about to turn 33. I must admit though, my diet hasn’t been the best in the past year or two.

A bit frustrated. Any thoughts/comments or similar experiences?

I have no clue as to what your problem is mate, but if you want advice get it checked out.

Like I said funny twisting/turning into a knot feeling in my left shoulder. Somewhere between the upper trap, side and front delt. Only problem I’ve experienced so far is dumbell military presses. Feels a bit shaky while looking out (left side).

How about some feedback fellas?


Stop doing military dumbell presses on move on