Shoulder Development - Hardgainer

Hi Thib,
Excuse me if my english isn´t too perfect, but I´m from colombia & my language is the spanish.
I´ve 2 years training, I´ve a great chest, slow retarded bi´s & tri´s,great legs & back BUT my should´s don´t grow to much :S I did the superhero program, hss 100: shoulders, and now I´m prove a self made workout using your recomendations from the black book of training secrets. I know that my type of muscular fibers are: Fast twitch dominant, I train in the 3x10, 4x8 scheme but I don´t see the same results as in the other muscles.

Can U bring me some tips or trainings?

That´s my workout split

Day 1. Shoulders
Day2. Biceps/triceps/calves
Day3. Legs/abs
Day4. Back/calves
Day5. Chest/abs


And this is my workout for shoulders

A. Push press 4x8

B1. Side lateral raises 3x10
B2. dumbbell seated overhead press 3x10

C. combo concentric/eccentric raise 4x8

D. High pulley 3x10

E. face pull 3x10