Shoulder Cramps

I know it sounds stupid but since I’ve been really serious about working out, I’ve been crampping up everywhere.

Delts cramp when I scratch my back.
Satorious cramps when I put my foot on my knee when sitting.
Intercostals seems to cramp up when I yawn.

What’s going on? I never cramp up while lifting, though. Nutrition? More soft tissue work?

Are you drinking enough water? Stretching seems to help too. I keep reading how much Magnificent Mobility helps…maybe you should look into it.

Thanks for the advice. I suspected hydration. I drink ~3L of water/day but I guess I could try drinking more. I’m still skeptical on the mobility training, though. I’ve seen the video. It’s basically a DVD of stuff outlined in Boyle’s functional training book plus some modified yoga stuff. It’s good, but not an end all of warm ups.