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Shoulder Clicking


My right shoulder often clicks/pops or whatever you want call it when I work out, throw a ball around, or do any type of normal movement. I rarely have any real pain though. Is this something I should just live with since it doesn't hurt, or should I be worried about it?


I also have the same problem, clicking while I do certain shoulder exercises. It doesn't hurt, but the sound is kind of scary!


Both of my shoulders click too from both rotators being torn slightly and and the left dislocated.

I found by strengthening my shoulder area muscles and rotators the clicking has become a lot less and is almost non-existent now.

I think this is a great program to test and get your shoulders up to snuff:


And if you have insurance or can afford it, I think you should have your shoulders checked out by a professional.


thanks for the help


Damaged both my shoulders a couple years back. Every now and again, the left one starts clicking now and again, and will seize up in certain positions -- in my case, it's the connection of the bicep tendon giving me grief instead of flowing smoothly.

Massage therapy with the use of trigger point therapy does wonders for my shoulders. Gets them going smooth again.


I suffer the same symptom (I say that as there could be many different reasons for it). The thing that I have found is that the more I warm up the less it clicks. Just something to think about and if you are worried, use an extra couple of light warm up sets to get things loosened up.

Obviously, get it checked properly if you get pain or any other concerns with it.


Yeh i suffer the same thing too, certain exercises IE Lateral raises, really make them pop, so I usually err on the side of caution and don't do them, although it might not be a problem at all.


a lot of people have minor impingements that cause a clicking noise.... it's not necessarily anything that needs to be worried about