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Shoulder Clicking?


Posting it here because i'm fairly sure it came from rugby.

My shoulder makes a clicking noise as i move it from a raised position into my body (adduction). It kind of feels like something is sliding/ clicking back into place, its hard to explain. I have had it for over a year now, and it doesnt cause any pain, but sometimes i do feel the need to perform the movement to click it back in place.

Anyway, i was wondering if anyone has had this or knows what is up and how i can correct this? I dont think its anything major as it doesnt hurt.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I've had clicking before and it is usually one of your tendons rolling over a piece of scar tissue or a bone spur. ART or Graston can help if it is scar tissue.


As in foam rolling? Never thought i'd see the day i'd be trying this stuff.

Do you think hitting my rotator cuff with the tennis ball foam rolling technique would help?


If you have a clicking in your shoulder without any associated pain...then welcome to the club.

I would guess that at least half of all trainees can make their shoulder click at will.

If it's painful, then you've got something to worry about.


This advice is pretty much money in the bank. Clicking + Painfree = almost always nothing to worry about. If it is giving you a sensation that something is moving in there, it could be one of a few things. If your really concerned, a good orthopedic surgeon with experience with lifters is the way to go.


^both my ankles click with almost every extension/rotation of them it's funny cause it annoys people around me. Over the years I've tuned them out. It's pain free.


Bingo. This is exactly what my doctor told me. It doesn't cause me any pain and I don't worry about it.


My left shoulder used to click and hurt...needed surgery, now pain free
My right shoulder clicks and no pain...doc says I'm good to go, call me when it hurts


As already mentioned, no pain= no harm. However, I have noticed (so did many others I suppose) that poor form or extreme loads on the joints must cause some damage and leave you with some clicking.

Example: My wrists don't click, however, when I go heavy on clean&jerk and front squats, they usually do a couple days afterwards. My elbows didn't use to click, however, after slamming heavy deadlifts on the floor and hitting the bar before lifting it with extended arms, I first had elbow pain and ever since they have been clicking, so to sum this up I believe clicking MAY hint at some sort of injury.


I'm heard my left shoulder click when I was doing dips 3 months ago. I hurt alot, but I could move my shoulder. After 3 months, the pain has mostly gone away, but whenever I move my shoulder or stretch/extend it, I hear a clicking sound.

Something to worry about? If so any idea?

I have never had this clicking before in my left shoulder before this injury.



I've got a friend who has the loudest popping noise ive ever heard a human generate coming from his shoulder with no pain.

It certainly sounds painful.


Nothing to worry about. My left shoulder clicks like a mofo, saw an orthopedic specialist about some pain I had and he said the clicking had nothing to do with it was absolutely nothing to be scared of. No pain anymore for me but just as clicky as ever. Don't worry about it.