Shoulder Clicking Cracking, Advice?

I did a late night unassisted bench press and my shoulder has been stuffed ever since 2009, as i needed a spot and couldn’t do the last rep.

Anyway my shoulder cracks and Ive seen many specialists saying i need a better posture, walk with chest out, and no cortisone didn’t work.

Current routine
Do internal external resistance band exercises,
lacrosse ball stretch shoulder (gets rid of knots)
strengthen back: lie on floor lift hands squeeze shoulder baldes together
Shrugs strengthen traps

Any more advice/ Exercises???

Ive uploaded current exercises i do below i these links.

How much and how often do you bench now?

How much and how often do you horizontal pull?

Can you do overhead pressing?

Have you seen a specialist?

I haven’t benched since 2015, i knew it was only gonna get worse if i kept pushing through the pain, the specialist recommended the exercises above, and shoulders back chest forward, i haven’t seen him again but might to see if new exercises need to be included, but it seems like i need to take care of diet 100% as inflammation is linked to bone bursitis problems, clicking/ grinding shoulder bones.

I’ve been doing the exercises above non stop for over a year but still not 100% but it has improved, i think if a guy who was on hgh or roids would heal from this within a few months of doing the exercises i listed above, but since im natural i might also need to up my protein intake so my muscles build bigger and stronger.

Since i pretty much vegan slightly small amounts of fish (gundry diet) my protein daily is probably 120 to 140 max, i might need hemp protein a few times daily to get to the 200 gram mark…

But I’ll continue exercising and look into seeing the specialist again, see his thoughts, but he said its basically weak stabilising muscles around the shoulder that need improvement,

Face pulls and band pull aparts. As often as possible.

I had clicky shoulders when I first started out training and now I’m click free.

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Can you post an image or video of the band pull aparts??
what tool do you use

, ill add face pulls to my routine aswell.