Shoulder Cartilage Question

Hello all, I’ve posted my shoulder injury details a few times so I figure it’s time for an update.

As of now the Doc tells me that the cartialge in my right shoulder is torn but he feels that I don’t need surgery to repair it. He told me to take it easy (which I’ve been doing), my question for everyone is how has a cartilage tear affected you in maintaining your workouts and such (recovery, workouts, etc). Thanks

I assume you are talking about the glenoid labrum when you say “cartilage.” I torn mine in my shoulder off the bone about 2 years ago. It was very painful for me, and to this day I cannot do a flat bench press for nearly as much weight as I used to. Incidentally, I can do dumbell chest presses just fine with minimal pain at all.
As far as returning to shoulder presses, that took me about 3 months before I could tolerate it, and now I am back to my normal progression.
The only problem that I have is that the shoulder subluxates a little bit every now and then.
It’s only when I do wrestling/BJJ that it really starts to hurt again.
Good luck man, feel free to PM me if you want.


Hey bro thanks for the reply, incidentally I actually injured the shoulder doing BJJ, and my dumb ass continued to train for a few a more months (this includes boxing too) until I finally went to a ortho and he told me to stop everything for 3 months.

I’ve since went to another ortho who told me it was a cartilage tear. Overall my shoulder feels better though but as you said nothing like before.

On a side note when you do certain movements do you hear clicking and other noises with your shoulder? Best of luck.