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Shoulder Bursitis

Good post by Clinton131.

I would only add that you may do well to back off training totally, perhaps only sticking to light mobility work.

Finally, I had my first deep tissue massage the other day and I felt the attention to the scapulae area, as well as shoulders/biceps, increased ROM significantly and I felt really good. Of course, it starts to recur after a few days but each relief period is giving the area time to heal. As an aside, my long-term lower back problem (prolapse at L4 and L5), which unexpectedly flared up a bit recently, also responded to the deep tissue massage. I actually felt popping along the spine, I assume the muscles being released allowed some spacing of the discs, and the symptoms have reduced dramatically.

I had a subacromial impingement a few years ago and thought it would be the beginning of a long shoulder problem. Surprisingly oral anti-inflamatories and some rehab exercises that to my uneducated mind seemed ridiculously under taxing healed it right up. So do that rehab stuff as wimpy as it seems. ie. the hanging shoulder rotation and side arm extension.

You know what? You are like the 4th person (plus what I have read on medical sites) to mention the effects of light training, stretching, and/or rehab! I think I will call my Doc this week and see about getting a few rehab sessions so I can learn what to do.

I have to say, that not being able to hit the gym hard right now is wicked hard. I haven’t been able to train till now. Killing me, I want to make up for lost time!

I so wanted to come on here and report that the second round of Cortisone was amazing. HOWEVER, I am unable to report any sort of success. Not to much left to say. It sucks, pain is lower (4 on 1 to 10) but not as good as before. Not even sure if physical therapy would be relevant since this is Bursitis. Not sure stretching would help with swollen Bursa. Crap, really do not want to go the surgery route. Hey maybe acupuncture could perform miracles!! LOL