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Shoulder Bursitis/Tedonitis


So as of lately my left shoulder has been bothering me. A year and half ago I messed it up benching and took a brake from bb pressing of any sort. Got back into it and wasn't quite 100 % but could cope with it. Recently I had an MRI and today I visited the Doc for the results. He told me I have bursitis and tendinitis and I guess its bad because he commented saying it looked like it must be painful. So now I am going to do Physical therapy for 4 weeks twice a week to try and remedy this fucking weak ass bitch shoulder I got. But I cant imagine doing anything other then your typical rotator cuff work with bands that most everybody does anyways which I do every day I am in the gym anyways. He suggested I lay off the gym and I don't think psychologically I am capable of that. I am working towards progress here and a break is not conducive towards progress. My question to you folks is has anyone every dealt with this bullshit before. How can I make a recovery? Is training with this injury even a potential possibility? And by training I mean direct delt and pec work because I can do all other body parts fine. I have this feeling that I am fucked now and will be battling this shit for the rest of my lifting days and this really rains on my parade cause I planned on doing big things. SO all thoughts and advice are appreciated


Do anything that does not cause you any pain. Probably you can work your back just fine. Side lateral raises should be painless too.


I went through this shit, had surgery to correct ( remove bursa and spurs) turns out a bit of arthritis was developing which was also removed. Before the surgery I found if I pushed through the pain for a few sets then I was able to go as heavy as I like there after? For a few days after my shoulders wouldn't ache meaning plenty pain free rest. Anyway since the surgery shoulders are much better (pain wise, still some) but I now have nerve damage? pins and needles/muscle spasms but thats another story.


I really want to avoid surgery. Crazy thing is I havent startred PT yet. I skipped out on it because all of a sudden my pain went from severe to hardly even there. The only thing I did was decrease chest/pressing volume. Although I still feel it if I do flys but pressing 110 lb dbs with no problem. But I do need to find a long term solution.