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Shoulder Bruising from No Direct Contact


This actually is not about me. It is about my mom. She is 50 years old and has been losing weight mostly through cardio. I wanted her to start lifting weights just to make sure she doesnt completely waste away. She has always been very physically active its just her diet went to shit when mine was shitty through high school. I have cleaned my diet up and consequently got her to do the same.

Enough background and what not.

I have had her doing what she can with weights she is a bit injury prone and has had disc herniation's and multiple broken bones in her feet which make lower lifting hard.

She was doing BP, pushups, lat pulldowns (she can do pull ups but no pull up bar at home yet), and bicep curls. Thats all we really have for equipment at home. But she has recently noticed she has bruises on the upper outside of her shoulder (pretty much on the acromian process. Its on both shoulders in the same spot. Any thoughts what this could be from?



When did I say she was out of shape. I said she has always been active. Just because you gain weight does not make you "out of shape".

And yes she can do 6 pull ups unassisted. Lat pulldowns are to the front. The bruise is lateral any way no way you could hit it benching or on pulldowns.

I was thinking of internal bleeding of some sort I just didnt understand how it would of occurred. Doesnt make sense.

Thank you for the input.