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Shoulder Bruises

I get bruises on my shoulders whenever I use any equipment that rests on my shoulders.

I get it doing squats (looks like someone beat me with a rod). I have tried it with the foam roller and still get some bruises.

I get them with the hack squat machine and the standing calf machine. I tried putting a kneeling garden pad on my shoulder and it only partially protected.

Does anyone know of a vest one could wear like a wet suit/dry suit/bull rider vest/etc…

Is there something else?

Keep doing what you’re doing; you’ll get used to it - just like riding a bike.

Stay away from any sort of padding; it’ll change your technique, which is a no-no when you’re a beginner.

I used to bruise easily and when I would squat after a long layoff, I would have a nice bruise across my upper back. I worked through it anyway and it would disappear after a short time.

Somebody told me that it could be a vitamin C deficiency but I can not confirm that. My diet is way better than in those days and I don’t bruise easily anymore.

I had the exact same problem when I started my new workout. I got them with squats and still do just a tiny bit, without the padding. Iwas getting them with bench too until I started to think about keeping my back tight during the bench and keeping my scapulas tight. Try focusing on the minutia of your form and it may improve. Take your multivits, if it doesn’t improve in a month see your PCP and get a blood work done.


Bruises are cool. I get large scabs on my back now that I’ve started using PL gear when I squat. It’s pretty badass. Seriously if you use pads so you don’t get bruises when you squat I may have to personally visit your gym and make fun of you.

Calf raises always give me the ugliest damn bruises.