Shoulder Bone Spur?

it seemed to appear out of nowhere, a bump on the medial side of my clavicle where my trap ends above my shoulder. Felt like a protruded bruise, it limits my shoulder to any heavy weight i can use?
anyone healed one of these without surgery?

If it’s a bone spur it is pretty much permanent. But if it came out of nowhere it could possibly be a calcium deposit or something wrong with your bursa or maybe a cyst. I would doubt it is a bone spur just by the fact it appeared out of nowhere. Get it checked out before jumping to conclusions.

If it is a calcium deposit? I thought that was pretty much similar to a bone spur?

are there any treatments for calcium deposits?

going to the ART doc first.

Get it checked and cut out. My uncle just had one and didn’t realize it and it sawed through the (I forgot which one) Tendon of his bicep. If it’s rubbing in the slightest on anything get rid of it.

If its anything like this it is an inflammed ac joint. I have one right now and it fucking sucks, no other way to put it.

I was working through it and it wouldn’t get any better so now I am doing nothing for a week until I get pain free ROM. The test I do now is adduction w/ a bit of a shrug. Just shrug your shoulder and pull your arm to your chest. It causes me a fair amount of pain.

I tried lowering volume and cutting out all lifts that bother it even slightly, stuck to deads/push ups/chin ups/ and various lower body stuff. It didn’t get any better.

I went to an ortho who said cortisone/surgery eventually. I said see you later. I’m now seeing a chiro who is doing electro stim, static stretching, trigger point work, and eventually rehab when I get pain free ROM.

I did it probably crashing a clean on the catch too far out front or dumping a front squat, at least that what I am figuring.

Its been hanging around for awhile and now I am dealing w/ it, i.e. trying to be as immobile as possible until it heals. Ice massages and ice packs a lot. I cut out the ibuprofen but I am going to throw it back in if it doesn’t feel any better on monday.

When I can move it fully w/o pain, I’ll start lower body training w/o and sprints/conditioning drills and rehab, then hopefully moving back towards heavy lifting.