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Shoulder Bone Pain w/ Front Squat


During front squats, the bar rests on my shoulders and clavicles (duh). However, since I'm a pretty thin guy, I get a little bit of pain the next day where the bar pressed against the more bony areas of my shoulders (since there's not much muscle and fat for cushioning).

This is much different than the good kind of soreness I get the next day, obviously.

Any suggestions to alleviate this pressure (towels somehow?) until I get some cushion for my pushin'?

... oh wait


You'll get used to it in a few sessions.


Get wrist straps and instead of putting them around your wrist put them around the bar and then hold upwards on the tail. In my log you can see video of me doing it:

It's a heck of a lot more comfortable and its not like Front Squats is a competition lift that you are required to do a certain way.


You will get used to it, for the time being you could add some extra padding by wearing a sweat shirt.


Yep, this should help a good bit.

Also, as was said, it's something you do get used to after a few weeks of playing around with bar position.

Lastly, not weighing 140-something pounds at 6'0" will definitely help. Consider any shoulder bruising extra motivation to eat during the day.



Thanks for the help, guys. Next time I'll wear a sweater AND use my friend's straps.

Also, If eating huge will make my shoulders stop hurting as bad as my quads and glutes are killing me, then I'm game. I've been eating more than I ever have anyway (which doesn't say much since I kept a food journal the week before I started and never realized until then that was skipping meals pretty regularly). Last night I wolfed down a big-ass steak with broccoli and rice, and have been making some pretty tasty shakes for between meals. For lunch alone, I ate 1400 cals; I'm sure that's not a lot compared to some guys on here, but it was almost unthinkable for me.


Do you have a safety squat bar at your gym?


You get use to it mate, just use a towel wrapped around the bar long ways if it gets to sore. Other than that grin and bear it,
Good luck


I have tried front squats this way, and found that i kept falling forward beacuse, as my entire body was exerting itself, i would be pulling up and forward on the straps.
To anyone else having this problem, i would recomend holding your arms out infront of you (palms facing in) while raising them up


I had the same problem.

I tried using a towel wrapped around the bar but that was annoying. The best remedy I found was a few weeks of hardening the fuck up and getting used to the pain (plus wearing an extra thick hoodie).


I do not, unfortunately.

UPDATE: Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I finally was back to front-squatting again yesterday and the straps really did the trick. It's also much easier to keep my elbows up (not that I had a problem with that before).

Also, I did my last two sets with my usual clean grip (I say "usual" but this is only the second time I've front-squatted), and I didn't seem to have the bone pain I did last week. Hopefully I'm getting used to the movement.

Thanks again.