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Shoulder Blade/Trap Pain

every time i do dumbbell shoulder presses i get pain in the right side of my neck/trap and shoulder blade area.

by tomorrow morning i wont even be able to turn my head to the right.

i obviously cant keep doing this until i correct whatever it is i’m doing wrong. what am i doing wrong?

There are a lot of things that could be wrong, but I’m suspecting you’re either straining too much when your lifting or not doing a proper warmup or stretching of that area.

I have always had trouble in the upper trap/scupulothoracic area. Feel around back there with hour hand and see if you can feel an area that is really tight, like a golf ball sized knot of muscle. If you can you may be suited for some trigger point release therapy. This has helped me a lot. Basically it’s a massage that you can perform on your self.

I would search the site for trigger point release therapy, or myofascial release techniques and you should come up with some good resources for you.





Mess around with the rhomboid stretch a lot until you figure it out. Foam roll or use a tennis ball or The Stick before you stretch. I have issues with the same area.