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Shoulder/Bicep Pain Rehab Advice


Hey all,

Recently finished a push/pull and didn't do so well on the bench because of my shoulder injury. Injured it about a month ago, but went on with the meet anyway.

Pain is in the front of the shoulder and is around the short head of the biceps tendon.

For reference, it hurts to do any kind of pressing, even push ups and upright external rotations hurt as well, right where the shoulder meets the bicep. Holding my hands in front of my chest and pushing them together also hurts.

Any guides as to how to proceed with rehab and go back into benching? Articles, exercises, etc.

So far I'm just doing a bunch of band work and rear delt work, face pulls, band pull aparts, no weight external rotations, arm roatations, light stuff.


Find a good physical therapist before things get worse. Ruptured biceps tendons are no fun.