Shoulder/Bicep Injury

I have yet to see a doctor for my shoulder pain but I am fairly certain that it’s a combination of AC joint, bicept tendonitis or bursitis.

It’s been a week now and there is practically no pain whatsoever when I perform various dynamic shoulder exercises as well as when I pick stuff up such as a full gallon milk jug.
This is the following workout routine/program that I left off on a week ago:

5x8 paused bench press 130 lbs
5x8 bent over barbell rows 130 lbs
1x5 conventional deadlift 345 lbs
3x5 ohp 132 lbs I am most likely going to eliminate this because it may have been a contributer–>
–>(along with poor form on bench) to my issues and OHP is not a necessary movement as it’s considered to be an assistance exercise. I will find subs. for it.

If I were to hypothetically go back to training in a few days, by what % what I deload my lifts to? 10%

Thank you