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Shoulder, Bicep, and Elbow Pain When Benching

Whats up guys,

I’m having some issues with my left side shoulder, bicep and elbow when benching. When lowering the bar, my left arm feels weak and causes me to be unable to really control the bar down to my chest. Pressing the bar up is no problem, I still feel strong and stable when pushing. However, after a few working sets my arm is so sore and throbbing that I have to end my workout and leave the gym immediately. The throbbing pain in my arm, shoulder, and elbow lasts about an hour or two after my workout.

I’m not sure where this pain is coming from but i’m assuming its some sort of shoulder issue?

Curls, tricep extensions, push-ups, pull-ups, squats (high bar), dead lifts, rows, etc. all feel fine. No pain at all with those exercises. But if I bench, it cripples me.

If anyone has had this same issue… please help!

Ive got not long time ago some issues with my AC joint… said bye to the press for like… 2-3 months. Focused on floor dbp (and reeeeeaally light). Seemed to work so far.

Is the pain focused (joint) or overall your arm?