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Shoulder Arthroscopy Journal

When I started lifting, I scoffed at the idea of injuring myself lifting weights. I lifted in highschool, I knew what I was doing. Boy was I wrong. I was misguided, trained chest much heavier than back, and like I had read and disbelieved, I developed an injury. I found it hard to stop benching heavy, my max went from 185-235 within my first 3 months of training as I was finishing my 6th workset with heavy singles and doubles every weak.

I would then go and do as much other chest work as possible on top of this (including heavy incline and decline presses). I had no idea how wrong this was for a new trainee and how dangerous. I eventually developed alot of pain in my shoulder and was unable to even lift my arm. I rested, came back and lifted heavy through the pain. The pain came back even worse. I was unable to work chest for the next 8 months, which brings me to where I am tonight.

I have been diagnosed with a/c degeneration, a frayed or torn labrum and shoulder instability. I go in for surgery to correct these problems tomorow at 8am. Im doing this journal so others can learn about this surgical procedure, as the symptoms seem very common on here when people complain, but there isn’t as much information as there is on other topics.

Im sure I’m missing alot here, Its late, Im nervous, and not too happy about not being able to eat after midnight til almost 2pm tommorow. So just point out any information I missed, and I’ll gladly update this tommorow with all my newly acquired free time.

Good luck with your surgery and best wishes for a quick recovery. Keep us posted.

2tbsps of smuckers natty pb, 2 scoops chocolate Metabolic Drive, my last meal for like 14 hours. Good stuff.

Home, eating, still cant feel anything cause of the nerve block, feeling ssick from the meds n hydros, update when im not so woozy

Hydros are working, little to no pain. This is going alot smoother than I hoped. Icing it every hour, we’ll see how I feel in the am.