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Shoulder Arthiritis Treatment

Hey, a couple of months ago I had shoulder pain when OHPing, so went to the doctor and he said I have arthritis in my shoulder. I thought this was a little weird considering I was 16 at the time, and even with an imbalanced training program I dont see how I could get arthritis at that age.

The doctor said just give it a rest for a few months, but it’s been 7 months now, and my shoulder hurt yesterday in the gym when doing neutral DB bench presses, supposedly ba “shoulder friendly” exercise. This showed me that I need to work on specifically building up my shoulder again. So, what kind of stuff can I do to build up my shoulder again so I can go back to regular exercises? My gym isnt really high tech, there are no mobility bands or anything like that so I need to do more basic stuff. If anyone has any suggestions for what I can do it’d be greatly appreciated.

Lots of rotator cuff work, unilateral dB floor presses, face-pulls, band pull aparts and lot of shoulder dislocates.