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Shoulder ART

Quick question. I’m currently receiving ART treatment for impingement in my shoulders.I’ve had 6 or 7 sessions and the practicioner has worked over my upper body (lats, chest, neck) but has never actually touched the shoulder joint.Should the shoulder itself be worked on also? I just assumed that she knew what she was doing so I didn’t want to ask. I’m not seeing much improvement so I’m kinda wondering.Thanks!

I had shoulder impingement last year and my ART guy said if it took longer than 8 visits (and that was extreme) I should look for another way to fix the problem. He had me do quite a few movements at the shoulder joint and he did work on the shoulder himself as well. He had it fixed in less than 8 visits and it was a pretty serious impingement.

One day we did talk about the ART profession and he said there are many crackpots that practice “ART” (their version of it) but are not actually certified by the main ART guy himself, I forgot his name. Hope that helps.

UB, the shoulder is a complex structure. I had bicipital tendonitis. I also had ART – really good ART by a highly talented practioner. Most of the work he did on my shoulder – and my ART guy also did a stint with Dale Buchberger – had nothing to do with the bicipital tendon.

The bottom line is that your external rotators are probably weak and need to be strengthened. Your internal rotators are probably adaptively shortened and need to be stretched.

I’ve never understood if someone had overdeveloped internal rotators and weak external rotators WHY they did exercises to strengthen internal rotators.

Check out my reply to Nate Dogg on his MRI thread and get the book I recommended. Either that (or in conjunction with that) take a vacation to South Florida and see my ART guy while you’re on vacation.

You really can fix your problem. You don’t have to live with the pain and work around it.